[Buying] GOD APPLES (upgraded golden apples)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Electrobomb, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. I am willing to pay some money or trade some items for god apples. These apples are surrounded by golden BLOCKS, not ingots. Please tell me your offers per apple or what you may be willing to trade. Things I may be willing to trade:
    Stable Voucher
    Maybe a 2013 emc firework
    Give me any other ideas for trade?
    Thanks, Electrobomb
  2. Trade you 8 gold blocks for one ;)
  3. ill trade 2 for a stable voucher
  4. LOl i meant like a stack for a stable voucher, because i think the vouchers are worth upwards of 50k
  5. 1 apples is worth around 850. 850x64 is about 55k. so maybe like a voucher and 5k.
  6. Ive heard from someone that vouchers are only worth like 10k, I hope not :p
  7. Vouchers have been going for around 10k lately...

    EDIT: Ninya'd! But yes, unfortunately they do go for around 10k :/
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  8. lol I dont really have anything to trade then, or money to spend... so yeah XD
  9. vouchers are worth about 10k. ill give you 5 apples for a voucher
  10. Before I created this thread I thought I could get like a stack of apples and maybe I would be set for mobarena. But now since mobarena is on hold for a while and i can blow through 5 god apples real quickly throught there, id rather get more from my money, and save. :)
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  11. Suit yourself