[BUYING] Glowstone.

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  1. I want to buy glowstone at 12.5k per chest (single chest) this is 27 stacks and equals to: 463r/stack
    If anyone is interested in selling to me please post here I will buy until I get a full chest :p
  2. that is really low for glowstone
    it can go about 20r per glowstone which is 1280 per stack
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  3. The other person I could buy from is selling for this price...
  4. Who O.O
  5. never heard that cheap
  6. basically 7r per glowstone
  7. I've never heard Glowstone go this cheap either. It's been a steady 20-25r for one glowstone for the last year and a bit.
  8. glowstone will decrease in the next update as people do not have to go as far to get it
  9. with the new nether
  10. Rhalador sells like this sometimes when he aint busy...
  11. i get glowstone free with work and villagers
  12. Nahhh, there will be an initial cheap week or two due to the rush of getting it. But after that, people will lose interest in getting it, and the price will rise again.
  13. i got like 14 stacks of glowstone - at 1536 Mega Mall - smp1 thx