Buying glass 90r for 64

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by ignoramoose, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. I have a large project I'm working on, and need a large amount of glass. I've setup chests to buy glass, paying 90r for 64 glass. I'd love to fill up these chests!

    /v ignoramoose or /v 3764 on SMP2
  2. I would try doobadooba's shop on SMP6, he sells really really Really REALLY cheap glass, like 32 for 5r or something like that I think. He doesn't usually have massive amounts though; his store is a sister shop to mine. (Although I don't sell glass.)
  3. I suspect u wiped out my stock? ;p
  4. Of course :) You had about 9 stacks.
  5. surprising. I did have about 30+ two days ago. Ill see what I can do later to restock.
  6. Still need any? I've got glass.
  7. I sold you some stacks moose... Your hotel is awesome btw :)
  8. Thanks. I'm full up now. This was too successful!
  9. im stocked when/if u need more
  10. d3r3k and I have about 1 large chest full together. SMP2, 4421. :)
  11. Looking for glass again. Chests setup like main post at 3764.

    Also buying snow 64 blocks for 39r! Same place!