[buying] garden items

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  1. I would greatly appreciate if someone could supply me with the following items ASAP

    at least 13 stacks of red flowers and at least 13 stacks of yellow flowers .. that is a small chest amount of flowers! :eek:
    i will pay 50 rupees for 1 stack that you can supply me. if you can supply me with all 13 stacks of a color of flowers, that is 650 rupees for 13 stacks.

    i'm also looking for 10-13 stacks of oak leaves! and they MUST be oak leaves.
    i will pay 50 rupees for 1 stack that you can supply me.

    i have chests set up on my Utopia res that you can sell the stacks of flowers to. if you can't make it to Utopia, then we can set something else up.

    5268, Utopia.

    love, Meghs.
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  2. I'll be there :)
  3. awesome! how much are you able to supply do you know? just so i can keep track of sales.
  4. I'm not sure atm, I check when I'm in-game :)
  5. also, oak tree saplings would also be appreciated!
  6. I did not have enough flowers and leaves. I sold all I can get hold of. I sell more tmr.
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  7. love you too
  8. I just sold you 7 stacks of oak leaves and a stack of oak saplings.

    You ran out of space in the oak leaves chest >_<
  9. let me look at that, there should have been more than 7 slots open.
  10. i added more space for the leaves because i will need more than 13 stacks, more than likely. but thank you!
  11. Try 10181 on smp5 I might have 13 stacks of oak leaves 45r a stack

    And how many oak saplings do you need
  12. How many Oak Tree Saplings do you want? I have about 5 stacks...
  13. i don't think i'll need anymore than 2 actually. lol