[Buying] Fully auto sugar cane farm

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  1. I am hiring someone to build me 3 large full auto sugar cane farms. This is the design I would like used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6rlWWl11k0 and the video comes with a world download to make easy :D Please pm me if you are interested in building these 3 modules and we can talk about pricing. :)
  2. I think seeing this video (considering it's Dataless) is quite daunting. Dataless goes above and beyond what you need as a farm. I know you probably want it built smaller than that, but i still think you could probably make something a lil' bit easier (depending on how much sugarcane exactly you want) ;)
  3. May I suggest something like this? these are stack able, but they require a bit of repeaters and pistons but it's personally my favourite:
  4. I see what you mean...but i need mass mass production
  5. dat storage.... makes me wanna revamp mine...
  6. lol ignore the storage size...i dont need that much lol i have a storage plan where i can sell it too :p
  7. Ill do it. do you provide materials and how much is the pay?
  8. Please pm me :) and wow you are taking lots of these jobs :p i also have another job too for you so pm me please
  9. I had a look at that design, didn't like it, so I made my own, and I like it a lot better. If you'd like to take a look, it's residence 3511 on smp2. Storage is down a hole in one of the corners of the res. :p
  10. Alright ill take a look :) if i like it would you build it for me?
  11. For a pretty high price yeah, since I hate building repetitively. :p
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  12. Nvrmind i will probably get off my lazy bum and do it. I have a budget