[ Buying ] Former Staff Heads and Team Member Heads

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  1. Hey emc, I added former staff head section and a team members section to my head museum about a week ago. I have about 9 team heads and 10 former staff heads. Pleeease PM me if you have any, and we can work out prices and deals. Thank you! :)
  2. I have a breezyman head
  3. Thanks, but I am only looking for former staff or team heads atm :)
  4. I have books signed by former staff?
  5. Former team member heads... I think I may have one of two on my alts. I'd be happy to give you one of mine if I have one.
  6. Great! Thanks :)

    I normally would, but i am kind of low on rupees right now, only 40k. I totally would in the future though :)
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