Buying Fish!

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  1. I wanna buy like 1-2 stacks of fish! I'm not sure on the price though..
  2. SMP1 lot 1783 we have a chest full
  3. How much each?
  4. Umm /shop sells cheaper!
  5. Why do you need so much fish?

    EDIT: You don't have to tell me, I understand if you want to keep it to yourself.
  6. Right, but that's a lot of fish. I think. I haven't yet tamed an ocelot; how do you do it? I tried, but failed.
  7. Patience, young padawan, patience.
  8. Well, Mr. Explosive Yoda, I once stood there for 15 mins holding raw fish next to an ocelot and it didn't eat it. How long does it normally take for you?
  9. Did you feed it the fish? Did you let it settle down first?
    I just stand motionless in a corner and wait until it comes crawling back to me for food.
  10. I just stood there doing nothing for 15 mins. What do you mean by letting it settle down?
  11. They run around and tear up the ground for a while.
  12. Tou trap them into a 2 block high block, jump it there and starti taming!
  13. I tried. Didn't work.