[Buying] Few things

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  1. Buying Diamonds for 48r!(Around 8,000)

    EDIT: Updated Diamond price and took out items I already got.
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  2. How much are you paying for the oak?
  3. like 70r stack?
  4. Still need everything.
  5. Edited Diamond price. Still need everything.
  6. 8000 diamonds is a few? o.O
  7. I guess.
  8. Diamonds at 3966
  9. I sell like a few diamonds at 11149 smp5... only like 1/2 stack....
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  10. No stock
  11. Sorry about that
  12. Can't in wild there.
  13. ill just transport them to ur res.....
  14. Thank you for your diamonds :D
    Please sell me more again whenever you can!
  15. Still Buying diamonds!
  16. Is this for a project?
  17. Yes. All of it.
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  18. Maybe if you make a thread annoceing the project, you could get more stuffs.
  19. Announcing.
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