[Buying] Feast for a king

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I was unable to participate in the thanksgiving event as I only had enough time to quickly come on and get the promo axe. I would also like to own the pretty little piece of paper that could be found in randomly spawning chests.

    If you have a pretty little piece of paper from this particular event and would like to sell it, I would like to buy it ^_^

    Please feel free to comment below with the price offer and we can make a deal ^_^
  2. I'm not sure if you know this, but the event will probably last 'til next Wednesday. There is also an auction going on for one here.
  3. Ooooh I didnt know that. Thanks heaps ^_^
  4. Turns out I'm not allowed to auction it, but I can sell it...
  5. Ok how much are you after?
  6. Yeah they should probably allow its auction as it seems like the kind of "emc custom item" that the community would want to buy/sell
  7. I'll sell you one for 50k
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  8. Should we pm a community manager to see if we can auction it, as that is apparently the first step to getting an item allowed
  9. Yeah, It's a good start. People will sell it anyway, but it would just be easier through an auction

    Would you do 25k?
  10. You can't auction it, as it is currently available, when the event goes away you can auction it

    And I'll compromise at 40k, these things are gonna sell for a ton when the event is gone
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  11. Your first statement is false, they are not allowed because they are an unlisted Special Event item. Some Special Event items like the ICC Skin and Flesh are allowed but they are listed on the auction rules. This is not, and therefore will not be allowed in auctions unless Staff decide to list it on auction rules sometime - which in most Special Event item's cases does not happen.
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  12. Oh, I was told otherwise, my mistake
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  13. Ok 40k. I'm not buying it for resell anyway
  14. If that's not a done deal, I'll sell one for 35.
  15. Oooooh hmmmm ok 35k is better. You have a deal fishmeal
  16. Well if that is a done deal, feel free to pay and I'll mail it. :] Thanks.
  17. Paid fishmeal ^_^