[Buying] Farming stuff and more!

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  1. I'm looking to buy farming stuff in DC or SC quantites. (half the price for sc) If you need quick rupees my shops buys them!

    2k per dc's for (approx. 37r per stack) :
    - Potatos
    - Carrots
    - Pumpkin
    - wheat

    2,5k per dc's for (approx. 46r per stack) :
    - Melon blocks

    250r per dc's for (approx. 4,5r per stack) :
    - Melon slices

    Buying some other items too :
    - Ender pearls
    - Cow spawn eggs

    You can sell them at my office : 2nd res on floor 4 (sellig floor).

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  2. There is an endermen farm on smp3 with over 50 DCS of enderpearls ;) /waste c. Head west I believe and find a nether portal

    I have plenty of DC's of farm stuff but I won't be online for a week so I won't be much use for you sorry :(
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  3. But I'm too lazy to get those lol, bump
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  4. I'm sure ikapela would love to help you :p She's online usually around 4 EMC time on smp4. I also have farming stuff sold at my shop.....complete SC in stock.
  5. Thx I'll try to catch her when she's online. And sry your farming stuff is a little expensive I would have go for 48r/stack max. Bump
  6. Can I throw in cocoa beans? That is literally all I have.
  7. I dont need them atm sry :/
  8. I have a huge pumpkin farm that you could AFK at on Utopia at 5172.
  9. Thx for telling me I checked it out its pretty awesome!
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