[Buying] Extra Res Vouchers

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  1. I am looking to buy or trade for 2 extra res vouchers. I am plagued with the inability to use real money for these in game items due to my mom not allowing me to do so. It took a lot of convincing to get to her to use her credit card to buy me minecraft. So if anyone is willing to sell me the vouchers I will be very happy. Please post your offers down below or pm me. Again i can trade some items.
  2. Your a diamond supporter.....?
  3. Bought voucher.
  4. Diamond supporters can have more than one res
  5. ah, but with the vouchers they can get up to 6
  6. Bump. Please reply if you can get me one either way. I am willing to pay quite well.
  7. Late night Bump. Im sure there is someone out there who has bought one of these and is willing to sell
  8. Come on. Is no one willing to part with an extra res voucher.
  9. Guys im getting desperate for one of these extra res vouchers and am willing to pay good money for it or trade some nice items for it. Please sell me one.