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  1. I am bored, and why not.

    I will be buying one of everything on EMC, excluding Dragon Eggs and Vouchers. Everything else is fair game. This includes every block as well, from dirt to a beacon, as well as mob heads and everything else you can think of.

    I will be holding off on buying promos until I have bought every block and item in vanilla minecraft.

    If you would like to sell me some items, let me know below, message me, or find me in game. I will be slightly over paying for some things so get me the item first and you could make easy profit.

    Let the games begin!

    I will be ignoring my current storage for blocks that I already have, so I need EVERYTHING!

    -Iron Ingot
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  2. have you made up like a list or something? so you can mark off when you get one?
  3. I'll list the items on this thread as people sell them to me.
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  4. I could sell you a DC of glow stone blocks
  5. I can sell you a dirt block for 5k. I felt like going a little cheap on the price today ;)
  6. I want to buy it. How much??
  7. Pm on forums please
  8. They are worth 50k :/
  9. I'll sell you
    A crafting table
    A furnace
    One half stack of each colored wool
    4 stacks of glass
    1 of every Ty or pf sandstone (including red)
    A chest
    A item frame
    1 prismarine
    1 sea lantern
    1 sponge
    1 of each type of dirt
    Ooh Lala I'll sell you a block of diamond
    A block of emerald
    A block of lapis
    A block of iron
    A block of gold
    A block of redstone
    And finally but not finally ( how does this make sense?) One of my horse sets
    ( includes a saddle, 1 gold horse armor, and a gold carrot)
    Find a price
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  10. Ncoryg! You can't just leave emc cuz uve been falsely accused you must stand up for yourself
  11. Don't worry, if it was false then he'll be back in no time with a dispute. If it was true however then he'll either stay banned or he can appeal and may come back but just with a purged account. Leave it to the staff and Rupees now - they'll sort it out between them.
  12. I can get you a dc of dcs so you can dc all the dcs of dc'd items you will be collecting into dcs?

    Edit: FYI just for the laughs, way to lazy to make a dc of dcs. >_>