[Buying] ESCD For 17k Per

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  1. [Buying] ESCD For 17k Per
  2. You can sell it at 8992, smp4 or message me on here
  3. I don't think 20,000 tokens translate to 17,000 rupees.
  4. This is ESCD not the Ava thing.
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  5. Is there a certain number you are looking to buy? or just as many as possible?
  6. Just many as possible? do you have some to sell?
  7. you need to up your price... Im sorry to say but I'v been selling them to someone you does it for 20k :D
  8. 20k it is
  9. can i get somebody to change the title?
  10. This is against one of the rules.. You are not allowed to suggest prices, recommend other people, and etc. If you are interested in selling, go to his location and sell. Otherwise next time, keep your word to yourself, there was no need for this...
  11. O I am sorry
  12. Please let the mods do their work on their own, They never said Who did it, where it was, or anything like that... No rules were broken. If a rule was broken a moderator would have stepped in by now.
  13. Thanks Bro, do you have any spades bro?
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  14. I have 4
  15. Whiling to sell any?
  16. im debating it
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  17. I might sell one to you after-all
  18. Ive stopped buying them now, managed to get my hands on alot, sorry
  19. o its already :(