[BUYING] Epic YouTube Intro

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  1. I'm thinking about starting making Minecraft videos and yeah, I need an intro. I'd make one myself in Cinema 4D but I'm pretty rusty at it as I haven't done it in around a year and a half now. So a couple things I want -

    -Made in Cinema 4D. If it's not, it better blow my mind :p
    -Music (probably dubstep or something) that goes perfect with the intro
    -My channel will be called iHaro, so base the intro off that name.
    -Try not to include EMC in it, as I may throw in random gameplay of minigames with friends, etc.

    If you can do this and I love the intro, you'll be getting 15,000 rupees! If you make one and I can tell you tried hard, but I didn't pick it as my intro, you'll still get 1,000 rupees for effort. Show me what you can do!
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  2. I shall try to make one... don't if it will be any good but oh well :D
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