[BUYING]Ender Pearls

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  1. Price: 2r each
    Where: 4014 smp2 [turn to right when u get there]

    I use a lot of ender pearls when I am in the nether collecting quartz, there are about 7 DC set up to buy ender pearls. Just give it time to send pearls down if you are selling alot.

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  2. There's an XPEnder on utopia with a crapton of pearls. I can show you if you want.
  3. whole point of buying these is not having to transport pearls lol, I have an EXPender already. :p
  4. I sold about a full inventory, straight from endertopia :p Hope it helps!
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  5. what shop (besides empire shop) can I get ender pearls for a cheap price?:D
  6. I sell them at /v +anon or 12255 on SMP6 fairly cheap :)
  7. ok Ill remember
  8. I have ~2-3 DC that can be sold to. I go through these things like... uh... I dont have a good analogy but you get what I am saying!