[BUYING] Ender Crystal for 8000r PRICE NEGOTIABLE

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  1. I am wanting to buy a Ender Crystal for around 8000r the price is negotiable. I am also up for a barter/trade or Rupees plus an item(like 5000r + 16 diamonds). Please message me if you want to sell a Ender Crystal. ,Bransonb3
  2. Just a tip- ender crystals are worth... probably over 1 million rupees. You may want to increase your price range. :)
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  3. To get an ender crystal you will need to buy an original dragon egg. I doubt you'll get one of those for less than 1 million rupees.
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  4. I think one of those would probably cost 1 million rupees
  5. ok well never mind i cant afford a ender crystal.
  6. You're gonna need a whole lot more money there. And you'll also need to convince an egg owner to part with their vintage collectable!
  7. Seeing how ONE non-ender crystal dragon egg went for a bit over 300,000r, and there are 19 times as many non-original eggs as ender crystal eggs, an ender crystal could be hypothetically worth 5.7 million rupees.....so you might want to consider changing the asking price XD
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  8. Only 7 crystals were given out :p
  9. Yep, and every person who got a crystal also got 19 non-crystal eggs. Imagine, if 1 person had all the eggs and the crystal, that would hypothetically be worth over 80 million rupees :D
  10. Hypothetically if you had ALL the eggs there would be no competition so you could sell them for whatever price you want
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  11. Once again, economics wins over logic :cool:
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  12. Thats a good point XD
  13. They always do, they always do ;)
  14. Try 2 million, at least.