[Buying] end map without ender dragon

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  1. First, if this is in the wrong section (or just plain against the rules), please tell me. I think that buying a map is a special order, so I put it in the products sub-forum.

    So, I need an end map without an ender dragon (as I'm way too lazy to kill it myself) for enderman grinder testing. I'll pay 2.5k for it, and a virus scan through https://www.virustotal.com/ Once I get the map and confirm that the ender dragon is indeed killed, I'll send the 2.5k
  2. Wait, what?
  3. Too lazy to kill the enderdragon, so I'll pay for someone to give me a map without an ender dragon...
  4. like... on SP?
  5. Yes...
  6. Done, please wait 4 hours until I get home but I got one
  7. Ok, if no one else gets it within 4 hours, I'll pay you.
  8. Get like TMI
    go Creative
    kill the Dragon...
    Don't pay 2.5k
  9. Too lazy. And I frankly don't care about spending 2500r for this.
  10. Thank you golfer! I'll send the 2.5k as soon as I can (probably in 15 minutes)
  11. Ok I'm out I guess