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  1. I want to wear the Ultimate Armor and Sword, so I'm buying enchantments from you.
    If you have any Enchantment Books (SMP3 only) or Diamond Armor/Swords with any of these enchantments, post it here and say your offer!
    You will gain access to a tiny Shop for it at 6338 on SMP3.

    Enchantments I need:
    Looting III
    Fire Aspect I

    Unbreaking III
    Thorns III
    Aqua Affinity I
    Respiration III

    Thorns III
    Blast Protection IV

    Thorns III
    Projectile Protection IV
    Unbreaking III

    Thorns III
    Protection IV
    Unbreaking III

    If you'd like to make an offer, either post it here or make a PM.

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  2. No feather falling 4?
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  3. Forgot, added that to the list.
    Also, I had a feeling you were going to post here...
  4. Just so you're aware, that's not a very good suit now in 1.4.6, you need fire protection + Blast + Projectile to get full absorb, Protection just protects from Zombies now.
  5. I have these at SMP2, 3607, I am willing to negotiate, please pm me with what armor/tools you want them on:
    (Please also tell me the type of material, Iron: Free, Diamond: 50r per diamond used, Chain: 75r per (imaginary) chain used)

    Protection IV x4-1200r each
    Respiration III x1-1200r
    Aqua Affinity I x1-750r
    Thorns III x1-1050r
    Sharpness V x1-2000r
    Looting III x1-3000r
  6. How come you had a feeling?
    I have a;
    Unbreaking 3 x3


    Feather Falling 4 x1
    Looting 3 x1
    .... But Im saving them to make a dc of really good enchantments and sell it at once.
    Are you interested in the Unbreaking 3's?
  7. About why I had a feeling, I was there at the Mob Arena, and i know you got quite some good stuff there.
    And depending on the price, I am interested, what is your offer?
  8. Thanks for the notice, changed OP.

    If you can make it on a Book, I'll buy the Thorns and Aqua Affinity. (I prefer this.)
    If not, Diamond Helmet.
  9. I can make the diamond helmet right now for 2050 at 3607, SMP2. Confirm this deal?
  10. Would 1200r sound good per?
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  11. Sounds good.
    Books or armor/sword?

    Oh, and we're talking about the Unbreaking, right?
  12. Now I have 4 of them and yes Unbreaking 3. Only books.
  13. But on minecraft wiki, it says protection protects from all
  14. Hasn't been updated yet.
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  15. You've been paid and Access Chest has been set up.
  16. I tested a bit in SinglePlayer, and when I get Respiration III (and if possible) Thorns III, the Helmet will cost a total of 74 levels to assemble.

    Anyone got a good Mob Grinder? :p
  17. I can sell you these items:

    Sharpness V Diamond sword - 2k
    Looting III Enchanted book - 3k
    Fire aspect II Enchanted book - 1.5k
    Knockback II Enchanted book - 1k
    Protection IV Enchanted book - 1.5k
    Respiration III Diamond helmet - 650r
    Feather falling IV Enchanted book or Diamond boots - 500r(book)
    Projectile Protection IV Enchanted book or any Diamond armor - 600r(book)

    I'd take each diamond to be 50r, e.g Feather falling IV diamond boots would be 500r + 50(4) = 700r.
  18. I'll take the Sharpness V (Is Diamond Price included, or is it 2,2k?), Feather Falling (book) and Knockback II.
  19. Still waiting for the deliver.
  20. Do you want Thorns III?