[Buying] Enchanting books

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  1. I am mostly looking to by thorns 3 book, which I have no idea how much to pay for. Aside from that, I am buying all enchanting books, just post here, pm me, or find me in game to offer.
  2. Smp 5 /v 10747 ... Have some books there and pm me if u want a rarer book
  3. Ladblo on smp3 sells
  4. i dont have any thorns 3 in stock at the moment but i sell most books at 16612 smp8
  5. I can Sell u a Looting 3 for 1500 at 9427 Smp4
  6. I ll take that looting 3
  7. i got a few enchanted books tell if u intrested 100r-1000r