[BUYING] Enchanted Stuff

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  1. I am looking for the following enchanted tools:
    Eff V Unb III Diamond Shovel
    Unb III + any Eff Diamond Axe (not pickaxe)
    Looting III Diamond Sword + Any Sharpness (no fire aspect or knockback)
    Troll Item: Diamond Cookie with Tastiness V

    PM If you have any of teh items above (especially the diamond cookie) and we will set up a deal :)
  2. I have a Sharpness IV Looting III diamond sword that is unused.
    Edit: oh pm you oops
  3. I can sell you either :
    Diamond axe with unbreaking III and efficiency V for 5.5k or
    Diamond axe with unbreaking III and efficiency IV for 5k.

    Prices are high, I'll admit, but not many enchant axes as silktouch and fortune is useless on axes, which rises the value of enchanted axes.