[BUYING] Enchanted shears with silk touch

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  1. Basically asking for what is in the title. I am looking to buy shears with the silk touch enchantment on them. I am also willing to buy an enchanted book with silk touch on it already. We can discuss the prices in a private conversation.

    Thanks, :)
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  2. shears can be enchanted? :confused:
  3. As of 1.4.6, they can be enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment so they can be capable of harvesting raw spider web blocks instead of turning them into string.
  4. Although I do have silk touch book, im not going to sell it cuz im going to auction off a double chest of enchanted books D:
  5. What does a silktouch book do??? >:U
  6. you add it on a pickaxe using an anvil and voila you have a silk touch pickaxe.
  7. Any item in fact
  8. I'll PM you when I do alright? What will the price be?
  9. That is brilliant! haha