[BUYING] enchanted picks

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  1. Im buying enchanted picks (diamond) to eff IV and Unb III or UNB3 Eff3 at lowest, ill pay 1500r per decent pick, prices will vary, just comment below what pick you have and what price you want, we can arrange something.
  2. :) talk to me when i'm online :) i've got some good ones
  3. Awesome! thanks mate
  4. I have somes
  5. I have 8 diamond picks unused.
    2 X Efficiency II Unbraking 2.
    2 X Unbreak III Eff IV.
    2 X Unbreking I Eff I
    1 X Eff 3
    1 X Eff 2 Silk I
    For the 8 picks I want 12k
    If you are interested contact me in a private message. I am at 6681 in smp3