[Buying] Enchanted Pick Axes

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by kanos108, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, been to every server and spammed /v +mall and asked in chat and i cannot find a shop/mall that sells unbreaking 3 eff 3 enchanted pick axes anywhere..

    I am interested in purchasing approximately 10 unbreaking 3 and efficiency 3 picks (as a minimum),
    I am also interested in unbreaking 3/ eff 4.

    If you have these for sale I will gladly negotiate prices!

  2. how soon do you want these. I can get them.
  3. ASAP mate :)
  4. I can get these, how many do you need and what are you paying per? :)
  5. will to negotiate on price... diamonds are going for 100 each on my server plus adding unbrk 3 and eff 3/4 im ball parking here 600 a pick? let the negotiations begin! :)
  6. /v 1728 on smp1 sells these. 600r each is wayyyyyyyyyy too low for what you want. You are looking to spend 1800r + for each pick.
  7. im an optimist! 1800r is fine! ill go to 1728 now thanks mate!