[Buying] Enchanted Diamond Shovels

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  1. ShovelShannon (samsimx TM) requires some enchanted diamond shovels. I'm mostly looking for Eff.3+ and it has to have Unbreaking. I've sweeped server time and time again without much luck, so I hope that this way is a bit more effective. If you have any you can spare, send me a PM and we'll discuss prices! Thank you!
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  2. how much u need? Can't promise, but I can see what i can do.
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  3. I've had 4 offered to me, and I will be accepting those four as soon as I can. I'm willing to buy however many you can offer, as long as they have efficiency 3 and unbreaking 3 or higher. :)
  4. I am going to stock more soon but I have unbreaking 3 eff 4 shovels at 10029 smp5
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  5. Well, I see you have some serious offers, so I skip this one then If you don't mind ;p
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