[Buying] Enchanted Books

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  1. I am looking to buy enchanted books with Thorns 3. I just want 3 of them, so I will reply to this thread (or edit this post) when I have received my 3 books. Please post underneath about ONLY if you can sell the books to me or not, then please try to start a private conversation so we can discuss the pricing, etc.
  3. Ya, I do think it exists.
  4. I only haz thorns 1
  5. Any sellers? I will also accept Thorns 2!
  6. You are one lucky person then, because that chart I linked to didn't get it in 1000 tries. :confused:
  7. Oops, it's only thorns 2. I do believe I saw an auction that had thorns 3 tho.
  8. So, are you selling it?
  9. I have thorns III book how much are you offering?
  10. Err... 750r?
  11. Bump... Number... well, I don't care anymore, but BUMP.
  12. I'll sell for 750r
  13. What does Thorn do?
  14. I have thorns 3 books in my shop.
  15. It gives a percentage chance for you to reflect damage that mobs deal you back at them.