[BUYING] Empire Minecraft Rare Items

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  1. OK If you have any of these items to sell pm me or reply to the thread:

    Valentines Rose = 5,000r
    All the Super Horses = 15,000r each
    Haunted Head = 17,500r
    All The 60,000 Member Items = 10,000r each
    64 Ore Busters = Make an Offer.
    Heads of Staff Members and Players = 250r each

    That is all of them

    Also if you want to be in the empire minecraft LP then pm me with your Skype name to start helping out MUST HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT.
  2. If the horses are used is it okay? And do you mean you want 64 ore busters lol
  3. 64 ore busters for 100k is under 2k each...
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  4. Fixed it so u offer prices

    Yes as long as i get them in egg form, and by that i mean i WANT 64 ore busters pickaxes to buy.
  5. I have Ore Busters (I think 7) for sale at 4005 for 39k each :)
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  6. Thx I may buy them.
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  7. i have 2 Haunted heads ill sell you
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  8. I got a Saltar I believe I will sell ;)
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  9. I'll Pm u both for prices!
  10. You know about my 2 haunted heads for sale, I believe i notified you yesterday :)
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  11. Yeah i'm getting the ruppes to pay u first.
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  12. Gotcha, I shall save them for you :)
  13. I've got a haunted head to sell you