[BUYING] Empire Firework

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  1. Hello there, it's your Empire hoarder here, and the next item I am looking to buy is an Empire Firework!
    PM me if you are interested in selling, prices are negotiable. Anyone caught scamming will get reported and punished. Thank you for your time :)
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  2. How did I know this thread would pop up?
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  3. 4005 sells them fer 35k
  4. It's out :(
  5. If I had an extra I would gladly sell it to you however I have but one :(
    I do know someone who may have one to sell to you though, I'll have a talk to them about it and if they are able I'll point you both in the direction of each other ;)
  6. I have 6 (used to have 8 but lost 2 :S)
    i can sell one or two, name your price :)