[Buying]Empire firework

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  1. I'm looking to buy a empire firework for 15k or your best offer. Post below if you are interested.
  2. EMC fireworks r worth like 35k. Just FYI. (I dont have an EMC firework)
  3. I said "or best offer."
  4. You do know about the voting raffle? You could have a chance to win one (But probably no firework).
  5. Everyone has a chance to win, if you vote. :) Link here

    I also sell EMC fireworks for 35k each at /v 4005 SMP2, pink floor
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  6. Rephrased.
  7. I'm not really looking to pay full price for them. I dont even have that many rupees.
  8. You would be extremely lucky to find a generous soul to sell one for you for less then their full cost as they are now a 'Collectors Item'. Anything around 20-25k would be a nice find. :)
  9. Ill give you one if you make me custom cat skins :D