[BUYING] Emeralds

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  1. I am now buying all your unwanted Emeralds!
    I am buying them for 30r per Emerald. I have set up a chest on my res, it is on the ground floor of my Enchanted Book Shop!
    SMP8 /v 12029 or /v ClareMuss

    Any questions feel free to ask!!

    Thank You!

    ClareMuss :)
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  2. Oh that's a good price... I'll fill you up tommorow
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  3. Thank You very much! :)
  4. I think i have some at 17070 that sells for cheaper than 30r, if not i will make them cheaper as i shan't be using them anytime soon :)

    EDIT: just checked through rupee history and they are 28r a piece :)
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  5. I'm desperate for them! I cant keep up! I think 30r is a good price to entice people to sell them to me :)
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