Buying Emeralds & Obsidian! /v 14932

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  1. Currently buying a few double chests of emeralds and obsidian. I am always in need of emeralds and certain items since I have a lot projects coming up that involve them I am in need of even more..

    Buying exactly 4 double chests of emeralds
    /v 14932 and sell your emeralds for 21-25r per!

    Buying exactly 4 double chests of obsidian
    /v 14932 and sell your obsidian for 11.5r per!

    *If you are interested in selling me these on a more regular basis please PM me. *
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  2. Still need loads of emeralds!
  3. I'll get trading for you tomarrow
  4. Considering how fast you can trade emeralds using 2 infinite paper villagers, you could make 33k per hour selling them at 20r.

    When Sam's bought all he needs, I'll buy the rest :)
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  5. Buying over the market price and I still need 5 more DCs
  6. i sold you 16 blocks, will work on more though
  7. Thanks for the people who have sold to me, keep it coming :)
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  8. Can you add an option for 1 emerald block?
  9. How do u create an infinite paper villager. cause i have tons of paper.
  10. I will this afternoon.

    There's quite a few places on the internet that tell you how, just google it.
  11. The obsidian is more needed than the emerald, still 4 DCs open to sell to me.