[BUYING] Emeralds. Lots and Lots.

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  1. Hey EMC!
    As everyone knows (hopefully), the 1.8 update is coming out soon!

    Because of this, I will be buying Bulk Emeralds.
    PM through pm.emc.gs/EmoryCrafts, or tell me on this thread:

    1. How many Emeralds you have
    2. How much you are willing to sell 1 of them.

    Also, if you want to donate your Voting Emeralds, that would be AWESOME! :rolleyes:

  2. I could sell you a few stacks at 50/ea.
  3. 50 per stack or 50 per emerald?
  4. 50 per emerald
  5. Since it's bulk can I get 35-40 per?
  6. You are outbid at that price for bulk emeralds.
  7. Just want to make sure you know the changes Aikar is making with villagers Emory.
  8. 11372, 3851, 18700, and 19000 all sell them for 40r apice.
  9. Oh, nice. I'll prob go buy them out if they have stock. I have customers at over 57/ea right now.

  10. I thought emeralds were around 35r each. I'll be willing to sell you a few for that amount. I'll just go and cook a few up.
  11. This is EmoryCraft's thread, you should check with him on his buy price. :)

    Looks like the market is really volatile right now (1.8 panic?). As Qwerty189 was kind enough to mention there are malls selling around 40/ea. The ones he listed still have stock.
  12. I sell my emeralds to +FS on smp8. They are currently bought for 39r and there is over a DC of stock last time I checked. He sells for 42 I think.
  13. I would like to buy from 35r-40r.
    Hopefully I can get a few stacks for 37r a piece...