[buying]Emeralds for how much u want!

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  1. i am in need of emeralds i would perfer full stacks but i only got like 5k to spend, so name ur price for either a full or a half stack.

    edit: i also need diamonds
  2. I will give you a stack of emeralds for a stack of Jungle Saplings (as long as the saplings are not bought from my shop 8122 on smp4, because the point is to help me keep jungle saps stocked). Or half stack of emeralds for a half stack of Jungle Saplings.
  3. I have emeralds at 1004 same with diamonds!
  4. ok i got a few stacks of lungle saplings
  5. Emeralds at 1783 SMP1 35r each.
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  6. Ok I sent you a PM to work out the details. Thanks.
  7. I will sell you emeralds by the stack for 1,800 rupees. PM me, or find me in game if you are interested.