[ BUYING ] Emeralds, Diamonds, and Lapis

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  1. Hello, I am working on a very expensive project. So I would like to buy
    Emeralds 5-20r
    Diamonds 35-47r
    Lapis Ore 10-35r
    If you sell or know of anyone that sells these items please tell me.
    Also if you'd like to donate rupees to this project they will help me buy more emeralds, diamonds, and lapis.
    Here are some screen shots of the project. 2012-10-16_20.32.06.png 2012-10-16_20.32.22.png 2012-10-16_20.32.39.png 2012-10-16_20.33.01.png

    Thanks for your time :)!
  2. Diamond for 44r at 1401, also i have a ton of emeralds but there for 23r each.
  3. Ok thanks!
  4. 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4 sells emeralds at a good price.
    I try to keep a few stacks in stock, but they go fast.
  5. I've got emeralds at 4115 on smp2. Someone recently bought a lot though, so they're not as stocked as they used to be. I'll try to get some more though.
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  6. How much for two stacks of emerald blocks?
  7. Ill check them out thanks.
    I dont know the highest i can offer is 7500r.
  8. Scratch that i offer 16k.
  9. Sorry I can't go to you res, I forgot im in the wild on SMP2