[ BUYING ] Emeralds! 33r Per!

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  1. The title states it all. I am buying as many emeralds as I can possibly get for a new project.

    You can you sell the emeralds at 17442 on SMP8. You may also sell emerald blocks AND emerald ORE. If I run low on rupees, I will post on the thread.

    1 Emerald: 33r
    8 Emeralds: 264r

    1 Emerald Block: 270r
    8 Emerald Blocks: 2,160r

    1 Emerald Ore: 376r
    8 Emerald Ore: 3,020r

    Thanks, ~Ben
  2. Might want to post the price.
  3. Edited, Thanks Haro :)
  4. At first I thought the title said "Buying Ender Pearls 29r each", and I got reeeeealy excited >_>
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  5. Bump! Still buying loads more! I am considering raising how much you can sell an emerald for!

    I am in need of Emerald ORE more than anything at the moment! 369r per ore!
  6. Bump! Raised the price to 33r Per Emerald! Sell while you can!