[BUYING] Emeralds 30r / ea

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  1. so, I have been looking everywhere for emeralds, but still only got 2 stacks D:, so, if you have emeralds, sell them here! every bit will help, so 1 emerald - 1 stack blocks, fine with me
    NOTE: this thread will not go on for eternithy, I will make clear when I have enough
    Think price to low? just tell me and say alternate price.
  2. emeralds are one of the things that have been quietly creeping up while everyone is worried about diamond and lapis prices so its not surprising they are becoming hard to find at that level
  3. I've seen them go for 35 per even before the /shop price update
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  4. that is 2000 style?
    I mostly see them between 28-33
    and if you sell at shops you wont get higher than 27 I think
  5. emeralds should stay stable because of infinite paper villagers, since you have some big public sugercane farms I dont see that as a big problem.
  6. Thats just our opinions, we were replying to this in the OP.
  7. I know, I am just replying to your suggestion of highering prices o.0
  8. infinite villagers will be impossible in 1.8 so they will rise more then

  9. Unless you have a bunch of Pre 1.8 Infinite Paper villagers ;) ;)
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  10. they break too often and too easy for most people to keep for long unless you are very careful or have alot of them
  11. 30r is pretty low for emeralds right now. I can't find a well-stocked shop that sells them for less than 35-37. Prices are definitely shooting up with inflation and I don't expect them to ever really be back near 30r. I can sell you a DC of emeralds, but it's going to be more like 40r per.
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