[Buying] EMC Special Items

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  1. Hello everyone, I am looking for a few more items for my museum. The items are as follows:
    1.Super Dragon Poo 15k
    2.OreBuster 15k
    PM me if you are willing to sell, I will negotiate on all items
  2. ICC bday voucher??
  3. He didn't list those as the items he is buying. Please read the OP before posting because you might post irrelevant as we see here :)
  4. He is asking if he would be willing to buy one of those since they sort of qualify. If he is saying he wanted to sell his then he wouldn't have read the post.
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  5. No thanks on the birthday voucher, I have 3 in my museum!
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  6. 4005 on SMP2 sells special items :)
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  7. Any of the special items I mentioned?
  8. In the Future, please only respond if you are selling one of the items I have listed above, thanks.
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  9. Yes, 4005 sells those items. I believe Alex sells most if not all of the items you mentioned.
  10. 4005 is the best foe emc special items, they sell many if not all of them as jacob mentioned :) Go check him out on smp2 ~FDNY21
  11. Once again, 4005 does not have any of the items for sale that I have listed at the top of this page.
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  12. turfinators and ore busters are for sale at 4005, and if he isnt in stock just ask :)
  13. ok, thanks!
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  14. Yeah, I forgot that they were out before posting.