[Buying] EMC limited edition items.

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  1. I am looking for limited edition EMC items. Send me a message on what the item is and what the asking price for it is if you are looking to sell. Thanks.
  2. I have a Orebuster and a Flaming mob launcher, name your price.
  3. 15k? Sorry if my prices area a bit off, I was gone for quite a while.
  4. When i got the tools they where 60k so i wont go under 60k sorry
  5. Phew, Well looks like i should save up more money if Limited edition items have gotten that expensive.
  6. Just saying, that is a highly ridiculous price for those. The orebuster might go for 15k but the mob launcher will probably only go for 9-10k
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  7. The items were 6k each when they were released, not 60k.
  8. i can sell you a labor day bench Pm me
  9. I have a 2013 emc firework. PM me
  10. i have an iday firework and ICC birthday voucher aswell as labor benches. PM me for prices.
  11. I have a Turfinator and an Orebuster. PM me the price you'd pay :D
  12. what is a mob launcher
  13. its a good sword
  14. I have several stable vouchers that I could sell. I would ask about 4.5k each but I am flexable
  15. oh lol send you a message
  16. oh yes 6k XD
  17. ICC bday voucher??
  18. I have:
    • Ore Buster
    • IcC Birthday Voucher
    • Two Stable Vouchers
    • Iday Empire Firework
    • Other Iday Firework
    • Labor Bench
  19. 4005 on SMP2 has a limited edition item section with most 60k items in stock. :)