(Buying) EMC "60,000" Members items

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  1. I am looking to buy some of the EMC 60,000 members items. PM me prices and what items you have.
    Thank you guys!
  2. I sell them all behind 4005 spawn, I'm not saying they're cheap (at all) but they'll be in stock. :)
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  3. ok cool, I am interested. Could you reserve 3 of the items for me? If you can: "Turfinator", "Cactus Pants", and "Feather Falllllllling Boots". Thank you.
  4. Don't worry, plenty in stock. :D Let me know if it's out though and I'll refill.
  5. ok thnx, just wanted to be sure.
  6. I'm selling the ore buster (12000r) and flaming mob launcher(11000r)
    but they might be out