Buying Eggcelent Wants 7500r each

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  1. Title says it all.
    I completely missed getting the promo, so...

    I am buying them for 7500r each at my res on SMP7, 14377

    I only need a couple so as soon as I have what I need, I will repost that I am done buying at this price.
  2. Have only had one sold to me from a friend!
    So Bump!
    It is the chest when you warp to my res! I did not label it, but it is the chest you see when you are first there!

    7500 is more than what I saw anybody else paying too!

    If there are shops that sell this promo for around this price, feel free to PM me as well!
  3. Sold you 9 :p
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  4. Awesome Defluxer, I really appreciate it. I totally missed this promo :(. But now I am happy:)!
    Thanks much.
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  5. Your welcome =)