[BUYING] Efficiency V Book or Eff V Shears, 5000r

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by kevdudeman, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Yeah so, title says it. I'll pay 5,000r for either one of those things. Just come find me on smp2 and I'll be glad to buy.
  2. I've an efficiency V and unbreaking III shears for you for 5k, just pay me and set up an access chest at smp2, i will come deliver.
  3. i can sell a pair of eff5 silk1 unbr3 shears not used? for 8k?
  4. Sounds good :) Residence 4302
    No thanks, I'll go with Forgers option :)
  5. Alright forger, I've paid. Any idea on when you'll be able to bring it out?
  6. Less than 30mins
  7. For Future Reference i sell efficiency 4 books for 900r at smp8 16612 (two of those will make a tool Eff V);)
  8. .....shears?
  9. Delivered
  10. I have the eff 5 book, ill even bring the price down to 4k :p