[BUYING] Eff books

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  1. Want all the eff books, 1k each, PM me.
  2. Does it matter what level of efficiency it is?
  3. preferably top 2 tiers
  4. Are you still open to buying I and II books at a lesser cost?
  5. I am taking off 200r per level.
  6. Sounds reasonable, I may enchant some books later today. Does the 200r come off of every level starting from III or IIII?

    For example, would II be 600r or 800r?
  7. IIII is 1000
    III is 800
    II is 600
    I is 400
  8. Alright, I'll enchant some books later today and I'll tell you if I get any efficiency's.

    I do have some efficiency I and II diamond pickaxe's, I don't know if you would be interested or if you wanted them for shovels.
  9. please pm me if you still want some books i can get lots of lvl 3 i think
  10. I have eff 4 and 5 but eff 4 I can sell for 2.3k and 5 for 3k
  11. I have Eff 5 how much will you give me?