[Buying] Dragon poop, and Valentine rose

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  1. Hi, i am interested in buying 1 dragon poop, and 1 Valentine rose. Plz pm or tell me in the comments if you are interested in selling this or one of this items.
  2. I have a super dragon poop I can sell, if interested.
  3. Are you buying super dragoon poop or dragon poop? Because many people get mixed up in which is what and if the normal exists :p (Which it does)
  4. super dragon poop
  5. If you are interested, I have an ICC head.
  6. I baught mine for 75k, but prices went down a fair bit. What is your offer?

    Edit: Also, it is one of the first ones.
  7. Can a mod close this thread, i buy all the items i wanted. Thnx everyone for your time :D.
  8. So you don't want the head? *starts thread*