[Buying] Dragon Eggs

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  1. I am buying Dragon Eggs For 1,000,000 rupees each Message me
  2. I think 4005 may have some in stock, if not, try PMing AC,
  3. I asked he's out
  4. Now Buying Dragon Eggs for 1 million rupees and 4 unoped Ruhdolphs
  5. Can I ask how in the world you got that much money?
  6. Not hard really. Especially in today's economy.
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  7. It must be those diamond prices...
  8. Do you care to explain how?
  9. I buy sell and trade promos
  10. EMC is a very open economy. The prices for everything always go up due to demand (besides a few items). If you own a good farm (or multiple), collect promos, have villagers, or offer a good service or shop, you can make good money real fast.

    I make money from iron, villagers, and strip mining.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.