Buying Dragon Eggs!

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  1. Looking to buy two dragon eggs for 500k each. I'll buy more than two but two is all I need for symmetry. :) PM with offers.
  2. Do you prefer eggs scrambled or sunny side up?
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  3. Was hoping I could get these for 500k per, now paying 600,000r per.
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  4. Just a question, Are you wanting original dragon eggs or just dragon eggs in general?
  5. Normal. Original eggs are worth about 7-12 mil, now. Maybe more.
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  6. oh my... I didn't know they were that much.
  7. 600k for a normal dragon egg seems fair, it is 1.2 million rupees if you two. :)
  8. If only I had one...
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  9. I am still looking for one :(
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  10. Only going to bump a few more times as it seems people are holding onto their eggs.
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