[BUYING] Dragon Egg!

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  1. At last! The day has come!

    I've saved up my whole EMC life for one of these, and finally the day has come :D
    I am currently buying 1 dragon egg, please PM me prices for it or post them below, and I'll answer ASAP. I love you all! Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

    With all due respect,
  2. Might I ask what you're paying? I'm not selling, just curious of the current value.
  3. Same.
  4. Woops, I ment to say same.
  5. you did
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  6. I was offered 900k for mine, which I sold a few days ago.
  7. Sorry, my computer was lagging. :p
  8. Hehe :p anyone selling?
  9. Bumpy bump :D
  10. Buuuump :D I really need this thing
  11. :p Re-bump! I actually bought a dragon egg, but got an offer I couldn't refuse and had to sell it :D

    I am paying the following, negotiable:

    2 Avalaunchers, 3 T Virus Vaccines, 2 2015 Empire Fireworks and 500k over that
  12. Bumpity bump! I need this thing ASAP!
  13. lol, how much was the offer and how much did you buy it for?
    What do you even need it for?

    And did you ask Jack?
  14. The offer was lots of promos worth around 1.3-1.4 million rupees plus 100k, and I bought it for around 1 million rupees.

    I need it for a shrine I'm building under my 4th res, and yes, I did ask Jack.