[Buying] Dragon Egg

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  1. Hello people :) as I recently saw Dreacon78's thread about him wanting to purchase a dragon egg, I will also be looking to purchase one.
    I am looking not for the original one, but one that was distributed to the original egg owners for selling there egg to the shop.
    No ideal price in my, I would like to work for/ purchase one of these eggs so if you have an extra PM me or comment, thanks.
  2. Try asking those who got the 19 extras or wait till dragon tombs :)
  3. Thats the thing, I dont really know who has the eggs :p so offering to people that im buying
  4. I have the 19 and the original, you can make an offer if you want, but I'm pretty sure I'll never sell the 1 original ;) Good luck on finding anyone that will give up their original's either, it's a really, really big trophy ;D
  5. Faithcaster
  6. I dont want the original. I want one of the 19...
  7. Ahh gotcha, well you can shoot me an offer on a plain one ^.^
  8. Do you have a price range you want me to give an offer in? Cause I have no idea
  9. Neither do I ;) FaithCaster is the only person I've seen sell them, and his price is 400k, so I was thinking 350k?
  10. Oh yeah wasn't expecting that :p Sorry!
  11. Throw out an offer, than! xD I won't get offended c;
  12. Might be interested in selling one for 500k, no guarantees though. :)