[Buying] Double Zombie/Skeleton Spawner Mob Grinder And Slime Farm

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  1. Hey just wondering if anyone has a double zombie/skeleton mob grinder. if u do plz contact me as i will be looking to buy for a reasonable price. also if u just have 2 zombie/skeletons spawners very close together contact me to as i might buy that.

    Also if anyone has a slime farm i would like to buy that too. It just has to be a area where slime spawn regularly in a incased area where i can kill them easily

    My res is 1004 on smp1 :D
  2. 10k rupees for the grinder 1000 for the slime

    That's in my opinion someone correct me if that's cheap or high
  3. The slime is low. THose things can be worth BUNCHES, i'd say the slime chunk/farm would be worth around 5k. In my opinion. :)
  4. Okay I didn't know how much the slimechunck should be thanks for the heads up.
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  5. i would be happy if someone sold me slime slime for 5k and be happy if someone sold me a double zombie grinder for 10k
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  6. so if anyone has them plz tell me cauz i really want them
  7. I sold my double grinder + slime farm for 50k.. But there together and that is rare so.
  8. was the double grinder zombie?
  9. One zombie + One skele. Had a farm, multiple rooms for storage, an enchant table, connect four if you have a friend there, and a slime farm with a kill switch on the grinder so slimes will spawn.
    Edit: I wasnt looking to sell it but the guy that offered 50k is nice so I figure he deserved it. :)
  10. man that sounds so good
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  11. Best part is that is super secret but easy to get to if you know the way. :)
  12. who did u sell it to?
  13. Its a secret. :p
  14. It's certainly not me :b
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  15. so he sold it to u
  16. *Selling, My computer is broken atm. :(
  17. I have one zombie and one skeleton spawners close together.
  18. I have a zombie spawner near a skeleton one on smp2, it's about 50 blocks apart and I've already setted up with s design. It does about 40-50 lvl of exp in an hour. I ll say its going to be 5k-10k if you wanted to buy it! Contact me if you do.