Buying double chests of sugar cane

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  1. 450r per double chest, if you have some please tell me.
  2. I've got some. If you set up a sell chest for me I can provide quite a bit today.
  3. Ok, I can't be on atm, but I'll set up a few sell chests on 3774 (smp2) soon.
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  4. I set up 4 chests, 1728 (single chest, aka 27 stacks) for 225r (half of 450r, as a single chest is half of a double chest)
    If they need editing, let me know.
    And no, it didn't.
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  5. I could sell you some. I would like at least 650 for a DC.
  6. I have a few DC's for you i can supply