[buying] dispensers

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  1. Hello im looking to buy a few stacks of dispensers, if anyone has some they are willing to sell please post here and let me know or contact me in any other way thanks! they are really needed as i cant find them in any shop
  2. there was a shop that sold them but they are all out, i found out when i went to buy them to send your way XD maybe someone else knows of a place that sells them that is in stock or will post if you are willing to pay a certain price due to them taking a good amount to make in large amounts
  3. You might have an easier time just buying the materials to craft them. A couple stacks of string might be the hardest part, but the rest is pretty common.
  4. Dispensers always in stock at /v 19500 on SMP9! I went and crafted the buggers for a few hours and now I have a good stock of them. I know I couldn't find them in any other shop either! It's frustrating with having to put the bow in the recipe each time, and if you mess up you end up with droppers and have to start over. Was playing with macros, but if the game lags then it breaks. So yeah I have a good stock of droppers too. :p