Buying Dirt on 849!

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  1. Hey guys

    I am working on a new project where I need tons and tons of dirt.
    To get it I have set up alot of chests at my Main lot 849 on SMP1.

    I will there buy 1 stack of dirt for 3r.
    Please feel free to come and dump your dirt :).

    If anybody wishes to sell alot of dirt at once I am willing to make [access] chests for them :).

    Thank you
  2. Seriously, buying dirt?
  3. yup,Come by and take a look :)
  4. Wich res are you building?
  5. Well,I buy the Dirt at 849 but the building place is secret,Or well,Half-secret :)
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  6. You can tell me secrets, PM? :p
  7. This is something Big I can tell you and the dirt is a big part but Im hoping to release it to public domain sometime under the next week :)
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  8. if you want about 4 double chests for free come see me at 3153
  9. My dirt is precious, I will never give it away.
    It is the rarest dirt you can ever find.
    Found in the deep ruins of creeper holes.
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  10. Thank you :)
  11. there will be more in a few weeks if your still needing then.
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